Name: Diceratops

Pronounced: die-ker-ah-tops

Meaning: ‘Two-horned face’

Period: Late Cretaceous (67 – 65 million years ago)

Group: Ceratopsians (horn faces)

Size: It was approximately 7m long and of undetermined height. It has been estimated to weigh between 2000kg – 3000kg

Diet: Herbivore

Characteristics: The Diceratops walked on four legs and had two very distinctive horns as well as an unusual hole in its skull. Many palaeontologists argue this dinosaur was actually a deformed Triceratops, and others claim the Diceratops should be re-assigned as a Nedoceratops (insufficient horned face). Further fossil discoveries are required to resolve this disagreement.

Named by: Richard Swann Lull in 1905

Discovery: The only partial Diceratops fossil to be discovered was a partial skull which was found in eastern Wyoming, in Niobrara County, near Lightning Creek in North Amercia.