The uncertainty about BREXIT continues to feed the media frenzy. At Brainstorm we are trying to be pragmatic about how we prepare for the unknown. In the first place we have ensured that we will have healthy stocks, in the UK, of all our current and new lines throughout this period in case of delays at port. Our supply chain is almost 100% outside of the EU so will not be affected in terms of trading restrictions with the EU whatever happens.

We have many valued customers in the EU and with the advice of the British Toy and Hobby Association we have formulated a contingency that will enable us to continue to trade and honour these long-standing arrangements. In the case of a no deal Brexit, we will immediately appoint an Authorised Representative based in the EU.  This means that , in the terminology of the Toy Safety Directive, our retail and distribution customers would retain their status as a “Distributor” and not have the additional burden of being an “Importer”.

We are liaising with our Freight forwarders and have instructed them to act as our customs representatives. This will enable them to move our shipments across the customs boundary if Brexit occurs in late March 2019.

Customers are advised to find out their state of readiness to undertake import customs clearance. If needed we can organise our Freight forwarders in the EU to contact you and provide any specific support and guidance which may be required. At this stage, it is not possible to pre-empt what the future trading relationship between the UK and EU will be. Both parties have however expressed their desire to minimize the impact of BREXIT on business and trade. This forms a good foundation to work towards an eventual agreement on tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers.

Any customers with specific queries should email or your normal Brainstorm contact. We will do our very best to answer your questions or concerns.