Dinosaur Toys and their STEM potential

Have you ever met a child who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Young or old, boy or girl, prehistoric creatures have always held a fascination for children and adults alike. Parents are often taken aback by their child’s encyclopaedic knowledge of dinosaur breeds, habitats and behaviours…if only they would spend as much time learning their spellings? This thirst for dinosaur knowledge is a great way to teach children by stealth about lots of other subjects. Subjects that we bet they would show little or no interest in should you ask them.

Buy your child a book about geology and you would no doubt have an extra book to take on your next visit to the charity shop, but ask them about fossils or where dinosaur bones were discovered and you will be inundated with facts. Not only do they teach about geology but children can learn about lots of science subjects from dinosaurs including evolution. It’s not just products that children are interested in; dinosaur museum exhibitions continue to be some of the most popular attractions in the UK. The Natural History Museum alone welcomes 3.5 million visitors annually – Dippy the Dinosaur is even on tour! We are proud to collaborate with this famous attraction and our NHM Dino torches allow children to take what they experience on their cultural visits back home with them. The torches are a perfect product for brushing up on lots of prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaurs are also a great way to expand their imagination – anyone who has seen any of the Jurassic World films will understand how creativity can bring such awe-inspiring beasts back to life. The new addition to our StikBot Dino range is testament to this – one of the most popular SKUs in the range almost immediately after launch.

At Brainstorm we are huge fans of toys that educate and our own brand Brainstorm Toys reflect this. We have a number of dinosaur products and each one is ultimately designed to give a child lots of fun and enjoyment but we hope that they take away extra pieces of new information that will then stay with them a lifetime. And if by playing with one of our toys they are then inspired to go on to learn even more? That’s when we love what we do!