Making an educated choice this Christmas

Every year it becomes harder and harder for Father Christmas (and parents!) to decide what to give children for Christmas. With the launch of new tech and games launching all the time, UK children are developing sophisticated tastes when it comes to choosing toys and gifts. Most parents want to of course let their children experience the latest in gaming and help them get to grips with tech but they also want them to look up from their screens and learn about the world we live in, taking in the knowledge that’s essential for growing up in an ever-changing world. Choosing engaging, educational toys is a great way to teach children by stealth and Christmas is a great time to introduce different toys to expand their imagination and hopefully inspire a thirst for more knowledge.

At Brainstorm, it’s our mission to help children learn in fun and interesting ways through play and the toys within our Brainstorm Toys range are a great way to inspire children to take an interest in the world around them. Take for example our hugely popular space themed toys: My Very Own Moon not only makes a great nightlight, children will enjoy changing to different phases of the moon and learning all about how the moon goes through each phase…..parents will love how it also helps them to sleep thanks to its comforting glow and auto-shut off! My Very Own Solar System also makes a great gift for fans of all things Space and will also keep children entertained all year as it attaches to their bedroom ceiling acting as a cool, entertaining focal point to any bedroom.

See the World through Other’s Eyes will keep the whole family entertained this Christmas! Everyone can don the super-cool glasses and use the 22 interchangeable lenses to see the world through the eyes of different creatures and animals. Why not challenge people to guess what creature they are?

The Outdoor Adventure Collection features lots of great stocking fillers to get children enjoying the outdoors. You can even go on an adventure in between Christmas and New Year – head out with our Compass, Night Vision Torch and Magnifier and explore nature…then get back in time for more mince pies and leftover turkey sandwiches.

It’s not just Brainstorm Toys ranges that educate, here at Brainstorm Ltd, we also have a huge collection of other uniquely innovative products designed to educate your child while giving them hours of entertainment.

EUGY is the perfect stocking filler for creative types and also for parents looking for more sustainable products to add to their child’s stocking this year. Choose a cute character for your child to build using recyclable card and non-toxic glue. They can use their Christmas money to collect them all and choose from characters including a unicorn, panda, clownfish, llama, elephant and more.Forget Christmas movies when your children can make their own thanks to StikBot. As well as totally absorbing, StikBots are a great toy for developing your child’s creativity and imaginative skills as well as helping develop their tech knowledge with the cool green screen technology featured in the StikBot App.  All the characters are collectable and poseable allowing kids to create engaging stop-frame animations – the creative possibilities are endless and children can also share with their friends and watch the ever-growing StikBot Central YouTube channel to entertain and inspire their own films.

If your child has watched the brand new A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, you’re bound to have an Aardman aficionado at home so treat them to the Shaun the Sheep Torch & Projector – a cute addition to any Christmas Stocking and parents will love its retro styling.

Many children may ask for a pet this Christmas and while you may not be able to commit to a dog or a cat, every home can welcome the unique Aqua Dragons – a perfect introduction to looking after a pet for your child. The Aqua Dragons Underwater World Kit features a tank and everything you need to get started – simply hatch and feed your Aqua Dragon Eggs and watch them grow. Children will love to watch them swim around their own special tank over Christmas and beyond.