Our fascination with Space

No matter who you are, how old you are or where on earth you come from, Space will always hold a unique fascination. Whether that stems from a love of Science Fiction or Space films or you simply love to gaze at the stars in the night’s sky – you simply cannot help but be in awe of the infinite, always evolving Space.

While we don’t get to sit gripped to TV rocket launches or moon landings like in previous generations, Space is now more accessible than ever. Thanks to ever emerging advances by NASA and scientists, we are discovering not only more about the galaxies but we are able to digest this information and enjoy it whatever your age or knowledge.

Take for example the recent Blood Moon on 27th July which saw Mars rising in the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century. Prior to this jaw-dropping phenomenon, we were able to discover where to view the eclipse at its most mesmerising best. We could even pinpoint the exact time that we’d be able to see the Red Moon from our small spot on Planet Earth. People are now able to enjoy Space together sharing pictures of the Blood Moon or going in groups to the best viewing spots. It’s ironic that we find out about these rare occurrences via the internet and social media but when we are actually there witnessing these phenomena, we have never felt so connected to real world.

Our Brainstorm Toys collection of Space toys appeals to adults as well as children and in 2018 we introduced a Desk Top Solar System to complement our existing range of Space items which include, My Very Own Solar System, My Very Own Moon, 2 in 1 Globe Earth and Constellations and Deep Space to name just a few.  With the planets changing and more discoveries every day there is always something to learn.  And until the next Moon landing on TV (or Virgin’s first Space flight!) we’ll keep checking the internet for signs of life on Mars and dusting off our eclipse glasses whenever we can.