My First Magnet Kit

Product code: E2090
£6.85 Per Unit (6 units per case)
STEMEco FriendlyRe-CycleMulti-Lingual 6 Languages


Magnet kit for early learners

Colourful 20-piece set

Leaflet has fun magnet facts

Secret code unlocks 10 online experiments

Perfect for young scientists!

Learn about magnetic fields, force and attraction

Make magnets float, bounce and jump!

Packaging is multi-lingual including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian

Explore magnetism with this colourful kit for early learners. Discover magnetic fields, force and attraction. Make a temporary magnet. Learn about polarity. Make magnets float, bounce and jump!

Includes a strong magnet wand, two strong block magnets, horseshoe magnet, three ring magnets with pencil, encased iron filings, 10 magnetic chips, leaflet.

Colourful leaflet has fun magnet facts. What is a magnet? What is a lodestone? Is the Earth a magnet? Then use the enclosed secret code to unlock 10 online experiments.

Do not use magnets near to TVs, computers, phones, credit cards, cassettes or other magnetic media.

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