My Very Own Cloud

Product code: E2084
£10.52 Per Unit (6 units per case)


3 in 1 night light with light & sound

Cloud appears to float on the clear stand

Relax to the sound of gentle rain

Soothing colour-change LED lights

The exciting roll of distant thunder

Cool lightning effects

Colour-change light show

Packaging is multi-lingual including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian


Experience a beautiful cloud in your own room. Enchanting cloud night light appears to float on the clear stand. Colour-change light show with rain and thunder sounds.

Mode 1: relax to the sound of gentle rain with a calming, colour-change LED lights. Perfect for dropping off to sleep.

Mode 2: colour-change lights only, to add atmosphere to any room.

Mode 3: bring the force of nature into your room with thrilling thunder sounds and cool lightning effects. Hear the storm, whilst you stay warm and cosy in bed!

Great for both adults and children. A wonderful way to relax at bedtime. With auto shut-off.  Secret code unlocks multilingual online cloud information. WARNING: includes flashing lights that may trigger epilepsy in sensitised individuals.

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