Outdoor Adventure Camping Projector

Product code: E2060
£5.25 Per Unit (6 units per case)
STEMRe-CycleMulti-Lingual 5 Languages


Kids will love to take this pocket-sized projector on camping trips

Ideal for building dens in your bedroom or garden

Projects 24 full-colour camp-themed images onto your walls and ceilings

Creates clear, sharp images up to one metre wide – just turn the lens head to focus

Fun projector transforms into a campfire night light and starlight projector creates magical night sky

Packaging is multi-lingual including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Kids love camping trips and now they can take along this pocket-sized projector. Or if they prefer to build a den in their bedroom or in the garden, this fun projector will be their faithful companion. Projector displays images up to one metre wide onto walls and ceilings. Features 24 camp-themed images, including animals, night sky, campfires and more. Turn the lens head to focus the images. Simply press the switch into nightlight mode. The campfire nightlight will make you feel cosy in your tent or den – you can almost smell the toasting marshmallows!  Night light has 15-minute auto shut-off to preserve battery life. The handheld starlight projector will create a magical night sky wherever you are camping.

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