ZINKEEZ Flatball

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Addictive, Sensory Fidget Toy

Endless Squeezy, Flexy, Stretchy Fun!

Compact 8cm ball stretches up to 17cm!

Made from plantastic Bio-Material crafted from 40% wheat straw

With three different colours to collect

ZINKEEZ is a sensory fidget toy that’s based on the viral threading TikTok videos viewed by millions of kids and adults worldwide. With three different colours to collect, ZINKEEZ are endless stretchy, flexy and squeezy fun.  Once in your hand it is hard to put down and the 8cm diameter ball magically turns flat in your hand.  Do tricks by walking them across your desk, bounce them and squeeze them for tension relieving fun.  ZINKEEZ Flatball easily flips and flattens making it an ultra-portable design and an ideal travel companion!

ZINKEEZ are supplied in cardboard only packaging and the product is “certified fresh” made from a blend including 40% wheat straw.  Crafted with the highest quality standards the toy is not only environmentally conscious but also safe and reliable.

Engage your senses and soothe your mind with Zinkeez! Whether you’re seeking tactile stimulation, visual intrigue, or a moment of relaxation, this fidget toy delivers on all fronts!

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