Spiders, Spiders, everywhere! A must-read for arachnophobes.

Spiders, Spiders, everywhere! Spider season is a time of year that many arachnophobes dread as we discover (what can seem) huge spiders in our home. How do they get in? And why do they arrive at the end of Summer?

Usually house spiders reside in their webs during the Summer months – so you will most commonly find them in sheds and garages. However, from September the male species goes on the hunt for a mate which means a trek indoors with spider season lasting from mid-September to mid-October.

There is nothing to fear from house spiders which are actually harmless and are a brilliant addition to our garden and indeed our ecosystem. However, if faced with a huge spider in your living room it’s hard to remember that. So what can you do to protect your home from Spiders?

  • Keep your house clean and tidy. Spiders like to hide so give them fewer places to discover.
  • Keep windows and doors shut (Spiders are adept at finding a way in though)
  • Limit their food source – be sure to clear the home of any small crawling insects or dead flies.
  • Remove any noticeable webs and when hoovering be sure to vacuum hidden spots….that’s right it’s time to move that sofa. Be sure to vacuum under cupboards too.

Of course you can try all of these things and resilient and determined spiders will still find their way indoors. As we have said previously spiders are an integral part of our ecosystem and so to exterminate them shouldn’t be an option. The Spider Catcher from Brainstorm is an eco-friendly way to rid your home of spiders and other insects quickly and humanely – it’s so gentle it can even remove moths. What’s more thanks to the long handle you don’t have to get too close. Simply squeeze the handle’s trigger to open the bristles and scoop up your uninvited guest. Once the bristles close around the insect you can safely release the spider back outside by pressing the handle again…..and say goodbye for now!